About Us

A Decade of Trust and Excellence.

Since 2013, McFaddan Financial Group has been steadfastly committed to providing a trustworthy service that generates tangible results. From a humble small investment boutique in Hong Kong, we have grown to have over $4 Billion in asset management. This expansion has allowed us to provide clients with actionable insights into emerging opportunities and assist them in capitalising on evolving market dynamics.

Our status as an industry leader has been cemented by our ability to deliver comprehensive plans and innovative solutions tailored to the unique challenges our clients face. At the heart of our personalised service is a deep understanding of your objectives, requirements, and portfolio composition, which allows us to create a strategy that truly aligns with your financial goals.

We have remained true to our core values for over 10 years, priding ourselves on integrity and transparency. This foundation of trust is essential in nurturing successful partnerships as we work together to achieve your objectives.